Third project meeting in Mönchengladbach from 11 Jan to 16 Jan 2017

img_8822Mens fervida in corpore sano – an international Erasmus+ school project, involving students from Gesamtschule Hardt and its partner schools in Lyon, Warsaw and Talavera. The overall aim is to enable the learning community in all the partner schools to come together to focus on how we can all contribute to improving our way of life

Students from four different countries are working together over two academic years (2015-2016 and 2016-2017) to create a multilingual cookery book that contains traditional local recipes as well as reports and interviews dealing with several related topics, such as “health”, “nutrition”, “cultivation methods”, “food culture” or “food awareness”.

So far, there have been two transnational project meetings – the first of which took place in Talavera, Spain and the second one in Warsaw, Poland. Currently, ten students from Gesamtschule Hardt are preparing for the third project meeting in Mönchengladbach, Germany, which is going to take place from 11 Jan to 16 Jan 2017. Continue reading Third project meeting in Mönchengladbach from 11 Jan to 16 Jan 2017

Solidarity race

Save the children

The past 29 of January The  Ribera del Tajo High School organized the XI solidarity race for children´s right in collaboration with the ONG Save The Children.

One more year,  our High School participe in this kilometres race for the Mali children.

IMG-20160315-WA0000-1 IMG-20160315-WA0001-1

With the solidarity bracelets, we are able to measure the nutrition level of a kid

Erasmus cooking ,,rheinische Art“

Rievkoche, Grünkohl, Himmel un Ääd, mure Jubbel, Sauerbraten, Matjesfilets…all of them are made “rheinische Art“. Today our focus is on traditional and regional recipes. The Erasmus+ group searchs, cooks and tastes well known and typical recipes for western germany. The aim will be a recipe book in collaboration with students from Poland, Spain, France and Germany.

To test our recipes and to ensure a brilliant taste, we made homemade Reibekuchen. Continue reading Erasmus cooking ,,rheinische Art“

Amazing view amazing people


Our last day in Spain was an unforgettable trip in which we ….


Sunday the 17. Of January in 2016. The international groups leaved Spain this evening. We made one last trip. Toledo the city on top of the hills. We had amazing weather and the view was unforgettable. All the people have been so interested and fascinated by this landscape. We walked around the small streets the stairs up and down the hills and stood on platforms around 100 meters high from the bottom.


Thank the teachers for planning this trip.



By Anton K.

Erasmus + project Spain-German-Poland-France